We offer a range of services to help you customize your home or office to fit your requirements and convenience. Some of the services we provide are lighting upgrades, basement wiring, renovations, LED Pot light additions, the addition of switches & receptacles, exterior lights, retail store wiring, office customization & low voltage wiring (including wired internet, theater, sound system). We also connect power to motors, compressors, and other equipment. We meet permit requirements as directed by local authorities in Edmonton and neighboring communities. All of our installations comply with Canadian Electrical Code and Safety Regulations.


Our work is inspired by the fact that electrical energy is essential in the modern world and is ever evolving. All other technologies largely depend on electrical energy.


We offer our services at competitive terms not compromising quality, safety and compliance to safety regulations.


Our services are primary focused on residential and commercial installations. We can help you customize your home, office and retail store.

Some of the services we provide

  • Lighting upgrades
  • LED Pot lights additions
  • Basement wiring
  • Renovations
  • Addition of switches & receptacles.
  • Exterior lights
  • Grid Tied Solar Power System
  • Off grid Solar Power Systems
  • Portable power solutions
  • Retails stores wiring
  • Low voltage wiring including wired internet, theater, sound systems
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