Portable Power 2000 watt Inverter with Nautilus 90 Amp Battery $950

2000 watt inverter with 90 Amp Motomaster nautilus marine battery. Can support 100 watts load for 7 hours. 2000 watts load for half an hour 1000 watts load for one hour. Can be assembled on the cart with wheels for $400 extra. Add more features to charge with solar panels.

Portable Power for Cottage or camping 2000 Watts 180 Ampere Hour Battery $2300

2000 watt 12VDC /120 VAC inverter 12V 180 Ampere hour battery. Changeover designed to shift power to generator or utility. Assembled on a metal cart on wheels. Optional connectors are provided to connect to the charge controller to charge from solar panels for the extra cost.

Solar Backup System 2KW $6000

2 KW backup solar power system 180 Ampere Hour Battery 945-watt solar panels 10-hour backup for the 200-watt load every full charge cycle.

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