Solar power system

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Types of solar energy system

  1. Solar power system that produce electrical power
  2. Solar heating systems

Solar power systems that produce electricity uses photovoltaic cells that covert sunlight to DC electrical energy whereas solar heating systems use sunlight to heat liquid or air and then transfer solar heat directly to interior space. Solar power system that produce electrical power can be further classified in two categories.

  1. Grid tied solar power systems : Grid tied solar power systems collect DC power produced by photovoltaic cells and grid tied inverter is used to convert the energy ready to use in building or to feed any excess of energy back to the grid and credited into your monthly bill by utility company.
  2. Off grid solar power systems : Off grid solar power system collect DC power produced by photovoltaic cells and store it in the battery bank. Then Off grid inverter is used convert energy ready to use in the building. This type of system is commonly used where grid power is not available like camping, portable power purposes.

Why solar energy

There can be different reasons for every individual who want to install a solar power system or provide installation services of solar power systems. It is always great to be connected to the grid because you are connected to an unlimited source of energy not even realizing how much energy you are using. It is now possible to enjoy the benefits of solar energy while remaining connected to the grid. We just want to express our thoughts on the subject.

  • Motive to install a small solar power system for a experimental person may include collecting data to improve efficiency of a solar energy system.
  • Some companies may decide to choose solar energy to reduce their utility bill.
  • Incentives offered by the Governments may motivate some individuals or business to go for solar energy.
  • Some individuals or groups can choose solar energy to play their role to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Remote communities might be interested to install an off-grid solar power system just because it is not possible to connect to a grid.

Cost of solar power system

Cost of solar power system range from $3/per watt to $6/per watt. Larger the system lower the cost. Further it largely depends on the layout of installation site.

Why questions are important

The best way to learn is asking questions and keep finding answers.

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Why is it important to define the question?
Defining your questions makes it easier to find what you need.
When you research, you have two types of questions.
The essential question is about the big idea that you want to explore.
To narrow ideas, use focus questions.
What are the three types of questions?
Factual questions (level one) can be answered explicitly by facts contained in the text.
Inferential questions (level two) can be answered through analysis and interpretation of specific parts of the text. Universal questions (level three) are open-ended questions that are raised by ideas in the text
Types of Questions
1.  Closed Questions – Only have two possibilities,   “yes” or “no” or “true” or “false.”
2.  Open Questions -more thoughtful answers and discussions that encourage the listener to respond with detail.
3.  Funnel Questions – Question that starts with closed question then broadening into subjective open questions
4.  Leading Questions – Encourages the listener for a specific response, mostly want listeners to agree with speaker.
5.  Recall or process questions-Questions that allows the speaker to test the listener’s knowledge in more details.
6.  Rhetorical question – The question that illustrates a point or focus attention on an idea or principal.
7.  Divergent questions – have no right or wrong answers, but rather encourage open discussions
8.  Probing questions – These are follow-up responses to the listener’s answer to the previous question.
9.  Evaluation Questions – evaluation questions help students to use their knowledge to make value judgments and analysis.
10.                 Inference questions – Questions that require learners to use inductive or deductive reasoning to eliminate responses.
11.                 Comparison questions – These are higher-order questions that ask listeners to compare things or theories.
12.                 Application questions – Questions that ask students or new employees to apply an idea, principle or knowledge  
13.                 Problem-solving questions – These questions present students with a scenario or effective approach to solve problems.
14.                 Affective questions – The questions that seek to learn how others feel about the subject they are learning.
15.                 Structuring questions – The questions that ensure group members understand the information you are representing to them.

The importance of work-life balance

Growing up in an Agriculture environment, I was never afraid to get my hands dirty. From the age of ten, taking care of live·stock and farming duties was my regular task.

I have worked on many designations, starting from helper to management level. After getting laid off from management jobs, I have done general workers jobs again many times in Canada, but there is one thing to note, I did not accept those jobs because of miseries. I have enjoyed physical work of my choice most of the time.

I remember in year 2012 I was working with Advantage Enterprises at apartment building in Coquitlam area as Journeyman Electrician. I had a team of four apprentices, I used to show them the drawings in the morning, explain how we want to wire them, help them wherever they need and then start my unit for wiring.

At the end of the day, we as a team wired 5 apartments every day from Monday to Friday.

Of course Saturday & Sunday was for travelling Squamish BC , Whistler BC, North Vancouver BC, Hope or Okanagan Valley etc.

It is fairly easy to make work-life balance if others in the team understand that it is required, and we must have that work-life balance.

May be an image of 1 person, standing and road

Understanding basics is a job half done

Growing up in a small village is a basic skill development program by itself.
Where one need to have analytical thinking and get things done without having powerful equipment and latest technology.
I remember when we need to complete school assignments in grade ten, there will be power outage every day. My first project after reading a grade 11 physics book was to build an emergency light with help of 6V battery, a oscillator to convert DC to AC. Then step up 6V AC to 90V AC with help of small step up transformer to light a tube light.
After completing Bachelor, I got a job at Chandigarh milk processing plant. During this job, I started assembling and installing off grid inverters as a side job.
Practical experience always prevails, even if there are many educated and experienced professionals in the energy field, I think if energy transition happened suddenly there might be many surprises of power outages. I am fully confident that my background & experience have a lot to offers in this sector. I have strong basics and willing to learn for active participation in this field. I definitely need help to achieve what I am passionate about doing. We are still looking for a company that can work in partnership and help us achieve our goal by providing support in investment, production and marketing. We will get our products certified from CSA or other authorized certification regulatory body for Canada and USA.
Please check Custom Products page for samples already assembled and tested.

Problem creating to problem-solving

Steps required from problem creating to problem-solving

It is easy to create problems, but it takes skills and efforts to solve the problems. I have faced few situations where co-workers has tried to test my skills by taking out a good fuse from a fuse box and replacing it with a burned one. Or by terminating both wires of a split phase 240V circuit into the same phase circuit breaker.

I worked in Quality Assurance Department of dairy Industry at Chandigarh. I got the opportunity to learn many basic things that matter in almost every field of life. Our President used to call one meeting every month with production, quality assurance and Engineering department. He will ask questions about the problem that may have occurred during that month. General Manager Quality Assurance will shed light on what the problem was and how it affected production or quality of dairy products. Then they collectively discuss the role of the every department where it could have dealt in a better way to minimize time loss or effect on quality of the products. The meeting always ended with suggesting possible solution and stating corrective action to eliminate such breakdowns.

The three things that our president put emphasis on in every meeting

A.  If there are three things as prerequisite to get desirable outcome and then speak in his unique style

  1. Communication
  2. Communication
  3. Communication

And the communication must be effective. If the other person did not get what we say, it is not considered effective communication.

B. Every person is either the part of the problem or part of the solution. Then he will encourage us to focus on becoming a part of the solution.

C. The acknowledgement is the first step of problem-solving process and discussion is the second step to find possible solutions.

What is metaphysics?     

Metaphysics is a subject of philosophy that is higher than physics and difficult to understand. It could be seen as a subject of science because I put things like Wi-Fi under this subject.

According to my own understanding in simple words

The study of thing or properties that we cannot experience in the physical form. We can not see or touch.

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Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of reality; the first principles of being, identity and change, space and time, cause and effect, necessity and possibility. Metaphysics is considered one of the four main branches of philosophy, along with epistemology, logic, and ethics.

Metaphysical – Longer definition: Metaphysics is a type of philosophy or study that uses broad concepts to help define reality and our understanding of it. Metaphysical studies generally seek to explain inherent or universal elements of reality which are not easily discovered or experienced in our everyday life.

The three core branches of metaphysics are ontology, natural theology, and universal science

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Free Will and Determinism

Free will is the idea that humans have the power to choose freely without influence from forces outside ourselves (Honderich 2005, 313-5.) Determinism is the opposite idea that our choices are determined by cause-and-effect factors beyond our control (Ibid.) Do we control our fate? Are the choices we think we make the result of chemical processes in our brains?

Some philosophers have argued that free will exists only if an individual has the power to choose otherwise or if the power to not act is present. Others argue that such conditions do not matter so much as the source of the choice (O’Conner 2018.)

Ontology and Being

Ontology is a branch of metaphysics that studies ‘being in general’ (Honderich, 670.) What are the qualities of existence? How can imagined objects like unicorns exist?

Ancient philosophers sorted all beings into universals or particulars. Universals sort into properties of things and relations between things. Particulars sort into Events or Objects, which themselves are Abstract or Concrete. (Papineau 2009, 12.)

Identity and Change

How are two things the same? Can they be the same in different ways? Some think identity is a relationship that a particular thing has to itself but to nothing else. (Loux & Zimmerman 2003, 99)

Plato’s Theory of Forms states ”a type exists independently of whether or not there are things of that type.” (Honderich 2005, 721.) Plato believed the ultimate essence of all things exists as ideal forms. For example, the ideal form of a dog exists abstractly beyond the physical world to which individual dogs here on Earth resemble.

Mind and Matter   

What is a human being? What is the nature of our minds? Monism declares everything we perceive and experience a manifestation of one substance (Mautner 2005, 399.) Dualism suggests two kinds of reality, such as finite and infinite, matter and spirit (Ibid, 170.)

Are we beings that gain and lose parts over time? Roderick Chisholm thought the idea ludicrous, arguing that even though the makeup of an individual’s physical body may change—a damaged liver through drinking, say—the essential nature of that individual does not change. (Lox & Zimmerman 2003, 134-5.)

Necessity and Possibility

Is anything possible? Must humans follow natural laws to live? The Queen of England cannot bend her arm backward beyond her elbow. Yet, with her vast resources, she can do things in the world others cannot.

Metaphysical concepts of necessity and possibility overlap with those of causation, freedom, and determinism. Determinism, in this sense, means all events are predetermined by causes already present in the world, and therefore, the future is not contingent on actions taken in the present (Mautner 2005, 155-6.)

Religion and Spirituality

The philosophy of religion examines monotheisms claims (Honderich 2005, 802-5.) If God is omnipotent, then why is evil allowed in the world? How can miracles happen?

Some philosophers have argued that believe in God is similar to belief that one ate breakfast this morning. One does not need to prove these facts becasue we know they are true.

History and Schools of Metaphysics

The history of metaphysics is traced through various schools of thought within the larger currents of philosophy.

Pre-Socratic Philosophers: Early efforts mixed the physical and nonphysical worlds. Thales thought everything seen is made up of water. Parmenides thought change an illusion (Honderich 590-3.)

Socratic/Platonic School: Plato revolutionized the philosophy of his mentor, Socrates, with his Theory of Forms, which helped clarify metaphysical thought (ibid.)

Aristotelian School: Aristotle’s efforts gave rise to the name itself and delineated the metaphysical from the physical (ibid.)

Post-Aristotelian School: Epicurus viewed all matter made up of atoms moving in space, which led to the separation of science and philosophy (ibid.)

The Stoics: Arguing against Epicurus’ atoms, Stoics thought matter formed a continuum along rational principles derived from the spirit (ibid.)

Neoplatonism: Plotinus argued that Plato’s Forms exist under a single unitary principle called The One (ibid.)

Realists, Nominalists & Conceptualists: These different schools believed universal concepts existed respectively only in nature, in words, or in thought. Others attempted to prove the existence of God and outline the qualities of the soul (ibid.)

Renaissance Metaphysics: Descartes put forth the dualistic thesis that mind and body are separate substances, setting off debates about mind and body (ibid.)

Kant’s Metaphysics: Kant synthesized competing ideas of mind and body, substance and reality in his book Critique of Pure Reason. He cautions on limits to reason and posits a transcendental metaphysics where space and time are forms of experience rather than substances. Certain realms of reality are unknowable to human reason, according to Kant. Those seeking unknowable realities lead themselves into contradiction and confusion (ibid.)

Defining Physics and the importance of the subject

What is physics?

The subject of science that deal with every moving object in this universe and the objects in the state of rest.

To put it in simple words “Physics moves the world.”

  •  branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. The subject matter of physics, distinguished from that of chemistry and biology, includes mechanics, heat, light and other radiation, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.
  • Physics is the branch of science that deals with the structure of matter and how the fundamental constituents of the universe interact. It studies objects ranging from the very small using quantum mechanics to the entire universe using general relativity.
  • The traditional branches of classical physics are Mechanics, Optics, Acoustics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, and Relativity.
  • Basic Principles of Physics
    Newton’s Laws of Motion. Gravity Theory. Work, Energy and Power. Force, Mass and Weight.

I will share my Views on Energy Subject soon

Hybrid Power Stations

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All available forms of energy can be incorporated into one design to deal with unknown and unplanned breakdowns. One system that can be run on any form of energy whenever we need to do so. There may be many uncertainties in the energy transition taking place all around the globe. The preparation to deal with such uncertainties must be addressed before new sources of energy have practical data on how they perform practically.

Best utilizations of Solar energy

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We all understand there is battle going on which source of energy is better to address global warming. I just want to share my opinion, you can comment if you think I am wrong. I have done little bit search and found that electrical power is still being produced from coal or gas. The best use of solar power will be transforming the power station to hybrid power station. The second source of fuel should always be considered as emergency back up. We must learn from recent power crisis in Texas US. It is very easy to program that we use Solar Power when available and switch to other sources when not available.

I am not convinced with idea of electric cars. If you have enough Lithium cobalt and Nickle then battery banks should be used to store power at electrical power stations not in cars. The very first question I often look for is what is maximum life span of a battery.

Five year to ten years at maximum at standard conditions. In reality the life of a battery is 300-500 charge recharge cycles not in years. The recent heat wave has raised other question can you expect the same kilometer range with AC on in summers and heat on in the winters as you claim?

The use of solar power makes more sense if used in production of electric power in power stations. Vehicle run better on gas because you can not even compare power of an electrical vehicle with internal combustion engine. Raw material of batteries exist in traces in core. The amount of energy used to extract them in pure form and pollution produced in the process may be way more than using gasoline in vehicles.

I have expressed my opinion. You may or may not agree, if so please comment on this post and increase my knowledge of the subject.

Please Simplify Certification of Electrical Products

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I am requesting to the related authorities to either simplify the product certification process or make a foolproof system to ensure all products available on dot.ca domain and dot.com domain websites are certified globally. I was never able to understand the electrical products wearing CE certification mark are certified for Europeans market and not valid in North American continent. Here are few questions to consider

  1. Are you trying to say Europe do not care about electrical safety at all?
  2. Other thing I want to discuss here is the process of certification of Electrical Products is so expensive in North American continent. If projected honestly worker assembling an electrical product is being paid $2-4 per hour (Because all products are manufactured in China) and workers testing the products sums up to being calculated at the rate $500 per hour. It is not a fair practice.
  3. One more reason to mention here is “Authorized wholesale dealer who stock Certified electrical products do not offer products we need as an electrical contractor. They offer what they want to sell. Also they are biased and do not support new people in the trade.”
  4. Electrical inspection agencies do not focus on the safety they just want to own industry by forcing their opinions on the name of the safety. I have conducted a study at my own why people do not want to apply for an electrical permits while renovating or adding to existing installation. I believe they do not intend to save permit fee but they avoid complications. I am not claiming I am hundred percent right but these are observations in different provinces of Canada, Different Cities of Canada at different work places. These are ground realities I witnessed and reported to the safety authorities. Also I want to share one particular incident here. One of my worker went into a house without my permission or consent replaced 30 Amp Circuit Breaker with 40 Amp Circuit breaker on 10 AWG wire to grow marijuana. He handed my visiting card, inspection authority called me and issued a warning notice just based on a visiting card. I am hundred percent sure it was planned because there are so many similar incidents. My intent is to share my insights and observation done at the floor level to improve the co-operation between manufactures, certification bodies, inspection authorities and contractors.

Certification Marks

Navigating the Governance System

As a master electrician, I clearly understand that all electrical products sold in Canada must have a certification sticker on the products. I recently buy few products online and it was clearly listed that the products are certified to sell in Canada. If you can trust what a product listing claims, you can easily order the products. What happens when you receive the products and find product has no certification sticker. To whom should it be reported? The seller, the website listing the product? Inspection authority? Certification authority?. It is expected you should obey all law and regulations. It can only happen if you understand and is able to navigate the system. So I hereby request to the most powerful authorities, please focus on these areas. One thing I want to highlight here, I bought a power inverter which has certification sticker pasted under the mounting bracket. How I will be able to show that certification sticker to the inspection authority after the installation. Should I remove all wiring and installation hardware to show the certification sticker to the inspection authority and then reinstall? Quality management system have everything in place, books to record, information bulletins and much more. Can we have practical vision to look into these small things. I assume people hesitate to pull permits from local authorities only because they do not want to deal with complications. They have no intent to save permit fee. The reason again is the certification of products is very expensive process. A common citizen can never afford it. The same product you buy for $500 cost you $5000 after certification. My intent here is to request please make things simple, it is in the interest of every citizen and every organization. Your permit fee collection will double or even triple if you apply simple suggestions. I personally called more than ten contacts today after finding the numbers on google search engine. I respect they were very polite and provided whatever information they could. My questions are still unanswered.

Simple Physics from an ordinary person

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Sun light is composed of infrared, visible and ultraviolet light. In other words all the visible spectrum lies within sunlight. When sunlight pass through a water droplet in the atmosphere the refraction process occurs, the light breaks up into seven colors and rainbow is formed.

My favorite poet understands better than others. I can not translate with same beauty but still trying to translate. “All new colors are formed when we mix the primary colors in well specified ratio.” I would like to quote original ” Aapas vich mil ke hi banade ne rang chite to jamni teekar” which clearly means all colors exists within the visible spectrum.

The next thing I would like to discuss here is ohm’s law. The law named after German physicist Georg Ohm. It does not matter in which language you read about this law it works same all over the globe perhaps in all universe. No body rejected it because it is very useful.

The third thing to discuss here is work done in terms of physics. Work done = Force X displacement. It does not matter how much force you applied if displacement is zero, work done is zero.

Forth thing to mention here the first law of thermodynamics which states the energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be converted from one form to the another. We can focus on useful outcomes or can be spent in unwanted activities.

The last thing I would like to discuss here is Newton’s first law which states every object will remain in the state of rest or in uniform motion unless compelled by external force.

I believe we all understand how things work in this universe. Perhaps we do not want to apply science in our daily practices. We pretend a lot and intend a little.

Hybrid Power Stations

We already have smart power monitoring and power management systems. All power stations can be transformed to hybrid. We can program to use solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, Oil & gas etc. All available forms of energy can set on priority bases according to availability. We may not need electric cars for now but electrical power production facilities can decrease significant emissions. We can not totally sweep out Oil and Gas as these are very affordable sources. Also we should not occupy land with solar panels, Solar power design should incorporate green houses or other useful production under the roofs of solar panels and walls designed for natural light. On remote places community grids can be designed with backup from other sources of energy when sunlight is not available.




Lighting upgrades

We can always upgrade lighting to optimize energy efficiency and improve the looks. Good thing about lighting upgrades is it may be possible without any major changes in wiring using the existing switches. We can always add dimmers, occupancy sensors or timers.

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