Custom Products

We are interested to assemble or manufacture custom power backup solutions. We are looking for corporations that can help us achieve our goal. We are looking for corporation interested in partnership that can help us in investment, production and marketing. We will get our products certified from CSA for Canada and USA

Portable Power 2000 watt Inverter with Nautilus 90 Amp Battery $950

2000 watt inverter with 90 Amp Motomaster nautilus marine battery. Can support 100 watts load for 7 hours. 2000 watts load for half an hour, 1000 watts load for one hour. Can be assembled on the cart with wheels for $400 extra. Add more features to charge with solar panels.

Check out this Mobile Power Station of 1500 Watts

Power Backup System 2KW $6000

This system can also be connected to Solar System for off grid applications

2 KW backup solar power system 180 Ampere Hour Battery

10-hour backup for the 200-watt load every full charge-recharge cycle.

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