Best utilizations of Solar energy

Please click the post heading to read the full post. We all understand there is battle going on which source of energy is better to address global warming. I just want to share my opinion, you can comment if you think I am wrong. I have done little bit search and found that electrical powerContinue reading “Best utilizations of Solar energy”

Please Simplify Certification of Electrical Products

Please click the post heading to read the full post. I am requesting to the related authorities to either simplify the product certification process or make a foolproof system to ensure all products available on domain and domain websites are certified globally. I was never able to understand the electrical products wearing CEContinue reading “Please Simplify Certification of Electrical Products”

Certification Marks

Navigating the Governance System As a master electrician, I clearly understand that all electrical products sold in Canada must have a certification sticker on the products. I recently buy few products online and it was clearly listed that the products are certified to sell in Canada. If you can trust what a product listing claims,Continue reading “Certification Marks”

Simple Physics from an ordinary person

Please click the post heading to read the full post. Sun light is composed of infrared, visible and ultraviolet light. In other words all the visible spectrum lies within sunlight. When sunlight pass through a water droplet in the atmosphere the refraction process occurs, the light breaks up into seven colors and rainbow is formed. My favorite poet understands better than others. I can notContinue reading “Simple Physics from an ordinary person”

Solar power system

Please click the post heading to read the full post. Types of solar energy system Solar power systems that produce electricity uses photovoltaic cells that covert sunlight to DC electrical energy whereas solar heating systems use sunlight to heat liquid or air and then transfer solar heat directly to interior space. Solar power system thatContinue reading “Solar power system”