The team at Khabra Electric Ltd. is driven by a passion for electrical energy as well as the desire to provide our customers with safe and efficient installations. We strive to provide quality services and get things done right the first time so that our customers can get the right value for their money. The company is inspired by how important electrical energy is in today’s world and how all other technologies largely depend on electrical energy. It amazes us how far electrical energy has come and how it is ever-evolving. Our team is always looking for new ways to be innovative and use our knowledge and expertise to contribute to our community. 

At Khabra Electric Ltd. we highly value integrity, reliability, expertise, efficiency and passion. We believe that integrity, reliability and expertise are very important in building credibility. It is very crucial to us that we are honest with our customers and build relationships that are based on trust. We take great pride in our expertise and knowledge in what we do. At Khabra Electric Ltd. we believe that if you are to do something, you best get it done right the first time. We make a note to follow all the local by-laws and safety regulations so that our customers can be ensured safe and effective installations. The team at Khabra Electric Ltd. also goes out of their way to make sure that circuits are efficient in order to optimize our customer’s experience with our services. The driving force behind Khabra Electric Ltd is a passion for what we do. We encourage our workers to change how they view their work. We believe that workers should be passionate about what they do. This way workers will make an effort to get the job done right rather than just getting the job done.

Some of the services we provide are lighting upgrades, basement wiring, renovations, LED Pot light additions, addition of switches & receptacles, exterior lights, retail store wiring, office customization & low voltage wiring (including wired internet, theater, sound system). We also connect power to motors, compressors and other equipment.

If you have any questions regarding electrical services that you need done or just questions in general, please feel welcome to contact us on our contact page. 

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