Understanding basics is a job half done

Growing up in a small village is a basic skill development program by itself.
Where one need to have analytical thinking and get things done without having powerful equipment and latest technology.
I remember when we need to complete school assignments in grade ten, there will be power outage every day. My first project after reading a grade 11 physics book was to build an emergency light with help of 6V battery, a oscillator to convert DC to AC. Then step up 6V AC to 90V AC with help of small step up transformer to light a tube light.
After completing Bachelor, I got a job at Chandigarh milk processing plant. During this job, I started assembling and installing off grid inverters as a side job.
Practical experience always prevails, even if there are many educated and experienced professionals in the energy field, I think if energy transition happened suddenly there might be many surprises of power outages. I am fully confident that my background & experience have a lot to offers in this sector. I have strong basics and willing to learn for active participation in this field. I definitely need help to achieve what I am passionate about doing. We are still looking for a company that can work in partnership and help us achieve our goal by providing support in investment, production and marketing. We will get our products certified from CSA or other authorized certification regulatory body for Canada and USA.
Please check Custom Products page for samples already assembled and tested.

Published by Amrik Khabra

Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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