Best utilizations of Solar energy

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We all understand there is battle going on which source of energy is better to address global warming. I just want to share my opinion, you can comment if you think I am wrong. I have done little bit search and found that electrical power is still being produced from coal or gas. The best use of solar power will be transforming the power station to hybrid power station. The second source of fuel should always be considered as emergency back up. We must learn from recent power crisis in Texas US. It is very easy to program that we use Solar Power when available and switch to other sources when not available.

I am not convinced with idea of electric cars. If you have enough Lithium cobalt and Nickle then battery banks should be used to store power at electrical power stations not in cars. The very first question I often look for is what is maximum life span of a battery.

Five year to ten years at maximum at standard conditions. In reality the life of a battery is 300-500 charge recharge cycles not in years. The recent heat wave has raised other question can you expect the same kilometer range with AC on in summers and heat on in the winters as you claim?

The use of solar power makes more sense if used in production of electric power in power stations. Vehicle run better on gas because you can not even compare power of an electrical vehicle with internal combustion engine. Raw material of batteries exist in traces in core. The amount of energy used to extract them in pure form and pollution produced in the process may be way more than using gasoline in vehicles.

I have expressed my opinion. You may or may not agree, if so please comment on this post and increase my knowledge of the subject.

Published by Amrik Khabra

Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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