Please Simplify Certification of Electrical Products

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I am requesting to the related authorities to either simplify the product certification process or make a foolproof system to ensure all products available on domain and domain websites are certified globally. I was never able to understand the electrical products wearing CE certification mark are certified for Europeans market and not valid in North American continent. Here are few questions to consider

  1. Are you trying to say Europe do not care about electrical safety at all?
  2. Other thing I want to discuss here is the process of certification of Electrical Products is so expensive in North American continent. If projected honestly worker assembling an electrical product is being paid $2-4 per hour (Because all products are manufactured in China) and workers testing the products sums up to being calculated at the rate $500 per hour. It is not a fair practice.
  3. One more reason to mention here is “Authorized wholesale dealer who stock Certified electrical products do not offer products we need as an electrical contractor. They offer what they want to sell. Also they are biased and do not support new people in the trade.”
  4. Electrical inspection agencies do not focus on the safety they just want to own industry by forcing their opinions on the name of the safety. I have conducted a study at my own why people do not want to apply for an electrical permits while renovating or adding to existing installation. I believe they do not intend to save permit fee but they avoid complications. I am not claiming I am hundred percent right but these are observations in different provinces of Canada, Different Cities of Canada at different work places. These are ground realities I witnessed and reported to the safety authorities. Also I want to share one particular incident here. One of my worker went into a house without my permission or consent replaced 30 Amp Circuit Breaker with 40 Amp Circuit breaker on 10 AWG wire to grow marijuana. He handed my visiting card, inspection authority called me and issued a warning notice just based on a visiting card. I am hundred percent sure it was planned because there are so many similar incidents. My intent is to share my insights and observation done at the floor level to improve the co-operation between manufactures, certification bodies, inspection authorities and contractors.

Published by Amrik Khabra

Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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