Certification Marks

Navigating the Governance System

As a master electrician, I clearly understand that all electrical products sold in Canada must have a certification sticker on the products. I recently buy few products online and it was clearly listed that the products are certified to sell in Canada. If you can trust what a product listing claims, you can easily order the products. What happens when you receive the products and find product has no certification sticker. To whom should it be reported? The seller, the website listing the product? Inspection authority? Certification authority?. It is expected you should obey all law and regulations. It can only happen if you understand and is able to navigate the system. So I hereby request to the most powerful authorities, please focus on these areas. One thing I want to highlight here, I bought a power inverter which has certification sticker pasted under the mounting bracket. How I will be able to show that certification sticker to the inspection authority after the installation. Should I remove all wiring and installation hardware to show the certification sticker to the inspection authority and then reinstall? Quality management system have everything in place, books to record, information bulletins and much more. Can we have practical vision to look into these small things. I assume people hesitate to pull permits from local authorities only because they do not want to deal with complications. They have no intent to save permit fee. The reason again is the certification of products is very expensive process. A common citizen can never afford it. The same product you buy for $500 cost you $5000 after certification. My intent here is to request please make things simple, it is in the interest of every citizen and every organization. Your permit fee collection will double or even triple if you apply simple suggestions. I personally called more than ten contacts today after finding the numbers on google search engine. I respect they were very polite and provided whatever information they could. My questions are still unanswered.

Published by Amrik Khabra

Amrik Khabra representative for Khabra Electric Ltd.

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